Dutch Profile - Part B - Requirements v0.3

27 January 2017

The Dutch Profile (PD) is to be the single point of reference in the Netherlands to secure the interoperability and conformity in the ITS system between solutions of the participating stakeholders. It contains an architectural system description with minimum requirements to support the deployment of ITS use-cases (in the current release: Traffic light optimal speed
advisory, Traffic signal priority request, Road works warning and Prove vehicle data).
The profile is aligned with Dutch ITS stakeholders and is supported by Rijkswaterstaat, I&M and Dutch industrial stakeholders.
The Dutch Profile includes the functional and technical specifications relevant for ITS systems realization in the Netherlands. It only specifies those ITS elements being found relevant to
commonly agree among the stakeholders in the Netherlands and is harmonized with other profiles in Europe there where relevant. It realizes the specifications by normative referencing
to standards mainly although for some it references to internal Dutch specifications in most cases provided by other Dutch organizations.