Dutch ITS Profile (v0.20, February 2016) incl. USECASES in the appendices

09 February 2016
This document provide insight for decision makers, is expected to be used as reference document for RFQ’s (Requests For Quotations) by buyers and management tool by project managers. It is the reference for implementation of ITS use cases. It enables the realization of interoperable ITS products and services.
The extended summary and the context as provided in the scope offer those with a high level interest in the Dutch Profile an introduction. The use case specification as addressed in the Annex of this document provides additional context for business and technical managers. The functional details of these use cases are the reference to the included profiling of message sets and serve those with an interest to gain a deeper understanding in the implementation of these use cases. Finally, the main document contains base requirements and a specified Dutch profile of the technical base standards. It serves as a directory for market players and technical specialists towards technical realization through interoperability and conformity.